Four must-have Smartphone apps for making movies

If you want to make movies with a Smartphone, then you’ll need the right tools. These four apps will see you perfectly equipped.

Text Jérôme Brunner

Camera – FiLMiC Pro

This extraordinarily versatile camera app was even used to make the Sundance hit ‘Tangerine’. From slo-mo & time lapse effects to the perfect image format selection – every Smartphone filmmaker needs FiLMiC Pro.

Mobile-Storytelling calls this app the golden standard of filming-apps. The website highlights the in-app editing features and fine-grained control over focus, aperture, white balance etc.

iOS / Android


Light – Pocket Softbox

This app provides the perfect lighting for your shoot. Simply hold the Smartphone or Tablet next to your face and hey presto – you’re bathed in daylight or candlelight.

Lomography says that soft box apps work best in dark rooms. It’s also worth using mirrors and white paper as reflectors. Try using the app on several devices at once for more intense results.

iOS / Android


Sound – Audio Recorder

You’ll hit the right note with this sound recording app from Sony. Various audio settings make this app an essential tool for filming.   

Android Authority praises this app’s simple and intuitive interface and broad support of external microphones. What’s more, it’s completely free to download and use.



Image and Sound Sync – Movie Slate

A movie slate is an essential tool when it comes to making films. Luckily, it’s also available as a digital app. The movie slate allows you to synchronise image and sound during editing.



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