Thoughts on "Blade Runner 2049" by Eloy Martinez

Synthesizer tunes and magnificent geometric architecture: Blade Runner is back!

What is immediately apparent in the 1982 Blade Runner is just how aesthetically sensitive the film is designed. Director Ridley Scott was the founding father of the then new genre known as Cyberpunk, which sees high-tech meet low-life. What does it mean to be human? How do thoughts shape being? Love, exploitation and social decay, central themes of the dystopian world of Blade Runner, resurface in Denis Villeneuve’s sequel. The original Blade Runner depicts the upper class as being clean, white and living in over dimensional palaces – while the lower social strata is portrayed as being multicultural and living on the gloomy, rainy streets of Los Angeles.

The new film draws upon and reassembles this architecture – but does this indicate a social revolution? Devoted fans will notice something missing in the trailer: Vangelis’ powerful 1982 soundtrack. Luckily Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch have jumped in to lend a hand, which means we can look forward to the "Blade Runner 2049" experience at the 13th Zurich Film Festival.


"Blade Runner 2049" screenings at the 13. Zurich Film Festival

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