A cat called Murphy by Erik Petersenn, Germany


Elaborate experiment testing Murphy´s Law.


Levist väljast is the name of the bar where we got friends. It is one of the best places in Tallinn (Estonia) to have a late night beer and it was the end of our tourné de bar through the Tallinn old town a few years ago. So when we needed a name for our first ever filming cooperation it was soon clear that this should be the name. (btw.: "Levist väljast" is Estonian and means" out of the Levis" ) So who are we? Marija is the mastermind of filming in our team, an academy award winner (to be) and the evil genius of chocolate cake. She lives in Belgrade, a truly wonderful city, worked in several awesome film productions, and can in short be described - as a short but representative poll among people knowing her brought out lately as: awesome. Erik studied history and somehow happens to work in international HR Recruitment. Due to his strong passion for filming, editing, creative thinking and movies he takes the part of support and creative development within Levist väljast. In the team the work is departed not really equally. Marija is clearly the head of the camera, the editing and the technique where Erik brings in creativity, devotion and cringingness to accept orders and decision from Marija without arguing (sometimes). It is to say that Erik shows some first interesting results in the editing field as well.

Marija Vukelic
Camera genius & master mind