Distract me! by Florence Thomas, Switzerland


A glimpse into the life of Justin, a 13-year old boy confronted to domestic violence. He is an average teenager, doing homework and playing a bit, until his parents start fighting in the next room. He falls apart when he hears the sound of beating and his Mum crying. The phone rings just in time to take him away from his daily dose of hell. Soothing music takes over.


A Mum who writes and a 13-year old son who acts. We are french, from Bordeaux. We are excited to take part to the contest. Our movie is extremely amateur-like, but we are still honored for this opportunity. I want to show the damaging effect of domestic violence for the entire family. Just because the children are not in the same room, or just because they can be easily distracted, it does not mean that they do not suffer. Our little movie was done cold-take, one shot for each scene, no preparation. I just asked Leo to show his feelings and emotions.

Florence Thomas
Leo Thomas