thoughts by Nicolas Dränert, Switzerland



thoughts can be everywhere... they can be in your mind... a product of your fantasy... or someone else's... they can be heroic & lovely... or sad & cruel... they can be enjoyable or let you suffer...they can make the world visible...or invisible...they can break your mind by thinking about them... or let you just reflect... as well as to neglect... often they just pop up in random situations…


Founded in 2014, our ensemble, "Moments" is standing for a group of three friends: Nicolas, Spencer & Jan; spread out in different parts of the world, we combine visual perceptions of lights & shadows with lovely melodies to unique moments of joy and beauty you can enjoy and reflect upon... Nicolas grew up in Germany, Munich to be exact. You know it? Good, because it’s an awesome town to grow up in, and he did it with a trombone, an old analog camera, and a bunch of brothers and sisters. When he was old enough, he moved to Berne, Switzerland, a tiny little town in which he could proceed learning to make movies and music. His speciality is to write the screenplays and tinker with special audio effects. And besides, he is disciplined enough to push his team members to give their best and finish all projects on time... Spencer grew up on a "little" farm in Costa Rica in the middle of the jungle and beauty of the Costa Rican nature. Thus he is able to compose lovely and touching scores for all of our music project. Besides doing music, he is an awesome martial arts guy and well, a pretty good cook, mentioning the ‘Costa Rican’ Stir Fry... Jan grew up in Switzerland, exactly in a little village nearby Berne, called Bremgarten. The one who doesn’t know this town, google’s a lovely place to grow up in, and start life with a passion of movie making. In our ensemble he is the magic guy, seeing the pictures in mind, filming them, and finally doing the magic cuts...

Jan Laubscher
The magic eye
Spencer H Corwin
The heart of music