AATMA (Seele) | A Psycho Thriller | ZFF 72 2017 by Shrigandh Nagaraj, India


This short film revolves around the infamous Blue Whale Challenge game which is said to push gamers to commit suicide. Here in this film we are trying to convey through a psychic and depressed character who is a victim of the Blue Whale Game Challenge.


We have tried to deliver our best within the time frame. Moving to the film crew list, I took initiative to direct the movie. I used my experience to script and my earlier experience came in handy. Coming to D.O.P and editing , Sachin Kasargod stepped in and spent his valuable skills. Film will not be complete without an actor and a musician. We thank to Amal Shameen and Nithin, without them this film would be incomplete.

Sachin Kasargod
D.O.P & Editing
Amal Shameen
Nithin R
Music Composer