Regulations Summer Edition 2018

Important Dates

Friday, June 8, 2018, 12 noon: registration open
Friday, June 29, 2018, 12 noon: registration deadline, announcement of theme & start of 72h countdown
Monday, July 2, 2018, 12 noon: film entry deadline
Monday, July 2, 2018, 18.00 h: start online voting
Thursday, July 5, 2018, 18.00 h: end online voting
Friday, July 6, 2018: announcing of winner

The next ZFF 72 edition will take place during the Zurich Film Festival in autumn. The dates and more information will follow in due course.

1 General

ZFF 72 is organised by Zurich Film Festival AG (hereafter referred to as "Organiser").

With ZFF 72, the Organiser aims to motivate, inspire and promote young filmmakers, regardless of their experience in the field of film.

By registering for ZFF 72, the participant (hereafter referred to as "Participant") accepts the following Regulations on behalf of him/herself and any crewmembers who may also participate.

2 Conditions of participation

The contest is open to all natural and contractually capable persons. Participation is not bound to a particular domicile.

2.1 Registration

A MyZFF Account is necessary for registration. All participants are obliged to complete the registration form completely and truthfully. By participating in ZFF 72 participants are also signing up for the Alumni e-mail distribution list in order to receive information about and around the ZFF 72 contest. They can unsubscribe from this e-mail distribution list at any time by clicking on the Unsubscribe button on each e-mail received.

2.2 Contact person and crew

There is one ZFF 72 Account per filmmaker/crew/submission assigned to the name of the registered person. All communication will take place between the Organiser and the registered Participant only. The registered person alone is entitled to accept a possible prize.

Crew members can be mentioned in the ZFF 72 Account using their surnames, first names and positions. Participants must be able to provide proof of identity in the form of a copy of their National Identity Card or comparable document (passport, registration certificate) if requested by the Organiser.

2.3 Exclusion from the contest

The Organiser reserves the right to exclude from the contest Participants who have breached the Contest Regulations. Participants who attempt to disrupt the course of or manipulate the contest will also be excluded from participation.

Also excluded from the contest are films that

  • incite a criminal offence
  • trivialise or glorify war
  • make extremist statements or advertise an extremist or terrorist group
  • make defamatory or offensive statements about natural or legal persons
  • have grossly indecent or pornographic content
  • contain advertisements or commercial content
  • contain a risk for participants or third parties
  • were not created independently (eg. by buying external film content)
  • were not made exclusively for the 5th edition of ZFF 72
  • were not made within the 72 hours of production
  • fail to capture the theme

3 Films

3.1 Submission

In order to submit a film, every participant must upload his/her film file to the submission form at Participants can upload their films using one of the following file formats:
- 3GPP
- WebM

Only one entry can be submitted per ZFF 72 Account and filmmaker/crew. All entries must have been created independently and exclusively for the edition of ZFF 72.

3.2 Formal regulations

Films of all types and genres may be submitted to the contest. A film entry participates in the contest if it is not longer than 72 seconds (incl. credits) and is received before the entry deadline. In order to participate in the contest, the film must exhibit a recognisable link to the contest theme.

The film can be in any language. If the film is in neither English nor German, subtitles in one of these languages are required.

3.3 Presentation at and online voting

Providing they do not breach the conditions, the films will be linked to the ZFF Vimeo channel and uploaded to where they will compete for the Viewers Award. The public can rate each of the films on a scale of 1 to 5 via a public online voting system.

4 Prizes

A Viewers Award will be given to the winner of the online voting. Participants are informed of their performance after the online voting has ended.

4.1 Viewers award

The winner of the Viewers Award is the film that receives the highest number of points at the end of the online voting at The Viewers Award is worth CHF 3'000 (cash prize or combined cash and material prize). In the event of a tie, the winner will be drawn by lot without possibility of recourse to legal action.

4.4 Prize entitlement

In the event of a win, only the Participant registered with his/her MyZFF Account for ZFF 72 is entitled to claim the prize; the division of the prize within the crew is left entirely to the Participant and, where applicable, the crewmembers. A group is not entitled to a separate prize for each member. The prize is non-transferable.

5 Grant of rights

5.1 Transferral of rights to the organiser

The Participant maintains the rights to his/her film entry at all times. However, he/she grants the Organiser the right to present the submitted film, make it publicly available, distribute it and make it available for third party viewing unrestrictedly in terms of location and frequency.

Furthermore, the Participant expressly agrees to his/her film being made public via the website. If applicable, the Organiser will refer to or create links to the film in various publications or on the Internet.

The Organiser is not the provider of the films submitted by the participants. These films will be made available exclusively by the respective user.

5.2 Thrid party declaration of consent

By submitting a film, the Participant declares that he/she owns all rights (including all third-party rights) with regard to the submitted film. In the event that one or more persons are clearly recognisable, or the sound or music of third parties can be heard in the film, those involved must agree that the film be made public. The respective declaration of consent must be made available if requested by the Organiser.

Should third parties nevertheless assert claims resulting from the infringement of their rights, the Participant declares the Organiser free from all said claims. The person who submits the film is solely responsible for its content (image, sound, data, texts etc.).

5.3 Music rights

You must seek approval from SUISA before using another person’s music. SUISA-free music may also be used. In this case the Participant must provide evidence if requested by the Organiser that the respective piece of music is SUISA-free. The Participant declares the Organiser free from all responsibilities regarding charges brought forward by SUISA and/or other collecting societies in relation to the film created by that Participant.

5.4 Rights to one's own picture

By participating, the Participant agrees to photographs and recordings being made of his/her person throughout the contest process – particularly during the Award Ceremony – and those photographs and recordings to be published at, as well as on the Organiser’s Facebook page and in other publications. Furthermore, the Participant also agrees to his/her name being published at, as well as on the Organiser’s Facebook page and in other publications. The Participant also understands that his/her name may be published in connection with his/her photograph.

6 Data protection

The Organiser takes the protection of participants’ personal data very seriously. During the contest, the Organiser adheres to the highest possible data protection standards in accordance with the relevant legal regulations. The Participant hereby expressly consents to the storage and use of the personal data communicated.

The Organiser does not pass on personal data to third parties unless the individual has given his/her explicit consent. The Organiser may pass on data to cooperation partners when necessary for the awarding of a prize.

7 Liability

Claims for damages with regard to ZFF 72 against the Organiser are – to the extent legally permissible – excluded, irrespective of legal grounds unless the Organiser deliberately or grossly neglects its statutory duties.

Furthermore, the Organiser is not liable for damages resulting from the lack of availability of the Internet sites necessary for the contest ( and This applies to technical faults outside the Organiser's field of influence, force majeure and attacks on these Internet sites by third parties. However, the Organiser will do everything in its power to ensure the reliability and functionality of the said Internet sites. Furthermore, the Organiser accepts no responsibility for any of the Internet sites working properly on any Participant’s computer.

8 Final provisions

Should a clause in these regulations be invalid or a legal loophole exist, the validity of the remaining clauses or the regulations as a whole remain unaffected. In the above-mentioned event, the missing or invalid clause shall be replaced by a valid clause that comes closest to the intended sense and purpose of the invalid or missing clause. The Organiser reserves the right to make decisions on all matters unforeseen by these regulations and, in special, vindicated cases, to make exceptions to these regulations.

Swiss law is solely applicable in the event of disputes. The place of jurisdiction is – to the extent legally permissible – agreed upon as where the Organiser is based. For participants whose place of general jurisdiction is not Switzerland, or reside abroad after entering the contest, the place of jurisdiction shall also be agreed upon as where the Organiser is based.

The laws of the Swiss Confederation apply. Any recourse to legal action is excluded.

(dated May, 2018)