Film recommendation #1: FIRECRACKERS

„An intense, visually stunning film that gets under the skin of its protagonists. Jasmin Mozaffari’s debut is the cinematic discovery of the year for me!” Stefanie Rusterholz

FIRECRACKERS by Jasmin Mozaffari

Dancing, smoking, drinking, cursing, laughing and a lot of banter. Teenagers Lou and her best friend Chantal tell it like it is. Both of them are fed up with the small Canadian backwater they live in. The rundown house where Lou lives with her brother, mother as well as her new lover has become far too small. For more than a year, Lou has been saving her hard-earned money in order for her and Chantal to be able to get as far away as possible. When Chantal shows up completely distraught on the day of departure, however, it becomes clear that something bad has happened. Vowing revenge, the two women increasingly begin to lose control and soon their joint plan – as well as their friendship – begins to crumble. With vivid colours and ultra close-up camera work, director Jasmin Mozaffari captures the lives of two young women who want to escape the Canadian "white trash milieu". We discover a new directorial voice whose powerful, dynamic and sensitive cinema is reminiscent of the beginnings of Andrea Arnold or Léa Pool.

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