Film recommendation #3: THE GUILTY

„Gustav Möller has proved it: a high-voltage thriller needs nothing more than a room, a telephone, a computer screen and an actor. A fascinating real-time-play-on-nerves.” Stefanie Rusterholz


With increasing irritation Asger is answering incoming calls. Due to a previous incident, the impulsive police officer has been condemned to duty in a Copenhagen emergency call centre. His shift is almost over when he answers the disturbed call of a woman who has been kidnapped. When the connection suddenly breaks off, the search for the missing woman and her kidnapper begins. Trapped in the emergency call centre, the phone becomes Asger's only weapon. In a race against time, he tries to find the woman – and starts to draw premature conclusions in his ever growing despair. Asger soon begins to realise that he is dealing with a crime of vastly different proportions from what it initially appeared to be.
Director Gustav Möller proves that a high-voltage thriller needs nothing more than a room, a phone, a computer screen and an actor. Thrilling suspense is created by means of the clever, nuanced screenplay and Jakob Cedergren's strong performance. A fascinating and highly entertaining real-time play-on-nerves.