Film recommendation #4: MONSTERS AND MEN

„A powerful visual language, complex characters and impressive acting turn this debut into a sobering contribution to the subject of police violence.” Anja Fröhner

MONSTERS AND MEN by Reinaldo Marcus Green

Brooklyn, New York: Three lives change forever when the loveable giant Big D is shot by a police officer. Young family father Manny, who filmed the appalling scene, is faced with a dilemma: publishing the video could have severe consequences not just for him but for his entire family. Meanwhile, police officer Dennis, himself confronted with racism on a daily basis because of his skin colour, has to decide whose side he is on after his colleague’s fatal mistake. And finally, top athlete Zyrick does not remain untouched by the tragedy: unable to continue focusing on his future career as a baseball star, he turns to a local female activist... Director Reinaldo Marcus Green’s highly topical, multi-layered debut film MONSTERS AND MEN offers insight into the moral dilemmas created by a system that protects its perpetrators while simultaneously effectively silencing its victims.

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