Film recommendation #5: SHÉHÉRAZADE

„Jean-Bernard Marlin immerses us with magnificent narrative force into the milieu of a young and highly-charged second-generation immigrant society and its daily struggle for survival on the streets of Marseille.” Karl Spoerri

Zach is in love - even if he would never admit it. The streets of the poorest district of Marseille are rough and the acquisition of legal money is no simple task, in particular for 17-year-old Zach, who has just been released from prison. There is little chance that he will be receiving help from either – his unemployed mother or his probation officer. In search of distraction, Zach meets a beautiful, self-confident young woman who earns her money on the street. Street scoundrel that he is, Zach immediately senses a deal when, however, feelings start to develop between Zach and Shéhérazade. Feelings, which could jeopardize his business idea and change both their lives forever. SHÉHÉRAZADE tells of an amour fou set against the backdrop of gangster life in the outskirts of the French port city and does so with incomparable energy. Director Jean-Bernard Marlin immerses himself in the milieu of a young, energetic second-generation immigrant community and their daily struggle for survival. The narrative of "amour fou" he tells is shaped by tremendous dynamism and a great amateur ensemble.

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