Film recommendation #7: L'ÎLE AU TRÉSOR

„L‘ÎLE AU TRÉSOR conjures up memories of those hot summer days when everything seemed possible and shows how universal the longing for such moments is.” Anja Fröhner


Summer holidays. Screaming and shouting, bright-eyed children jump into the cool water in order to escape the heat. A teenager is flirting with the girl at the ticket office – maybe he'll get her number today? A couple of scoundrels jump off a bridge into the river just when the supervisory eyes have averted their gaze. In the manner of a small oasis, Île de Loisirs de Jablines-Annet, a stretch of lake and river basin, extends out into a banlieue not far from Paris. Many that visit the isle could not afford to pay for a vacation abroad so, each summer, the residents of the surrounding area commute to this leisure complex in search of a relaxing vacation. Director Guillaume Brac takes us to L'ÎLE AU TRÉSOR, a place full of stories and adventures which we get to explore through the eyes and stories of its visitors. The result is a lyrical, happy and melancholy film, in which childhood with all its rebellious and creative ideas as well as growing up with all its changes are nostalgically revisited.

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