Film recommendation #10: LET THE BELL RING

„The young director Christin Freitag has come up trumps with a virtuously drawn portrait that uses subtle observation to create a poetic cinema experience.” Iria Gutscher

LET THE BELL RING by Christin Freitag

LET THE BELL RING follows boxing prodigy Malcolm on his way to the Golden Gloves Championships, the ticket to the world of pro-boxing. When he almost loses his first fight, his dreams are suddenly questioned. Malcolm's coach Jessie, still mourning his own shattered boxing career, fears to fail a second time. They intensify the training drastically, almost heading towards a path of destruction. It becomes clear that talent, passion and even hard work sometimes are not enough to succeed. It’s the family around you - nobody can make it alone. In LET THE BELL RING the classical story of a boxer’s dream becomes a generation’s tale about first and last hopes, set against the backdrop of Los Angeles. It´s about lonely roads that cross each other and creating something out of nothing.