Film recommendation #11: LIEBESFILM / LOVE MOVIE

„For all those ‘Zürchers’ who love Berlin – Emma Rosa Simon and Robert Bohrer’s hilarious and ingeniously told fable about growing up, having children and being a man (and woman) in today’s big-city jungle.” Viviana Vezzani

LIEBESFILM / LOVE MOVIE by Robert Bohrer, Emma Rosa Simon

Lenz is a daydreamer. Charming, visionary and – as it is good manners for a thirty-year-old in Berlin – radically incapable of decision making. After an intense party night, Lenz wakes up next to Ira, completely deranged. Lenz is in love. As well as Ira. The summer of love begins: fooling through the nights of Berlin, beers at the canal, talks about sex and childhood. Everything is beautiful. Up until the moment when Ira asks this one question that changes everything: „Do you want to have kids?“ Now is the time for Lenz to do what he knows best, when things get tricky. He runs off. Anchorless, he stumbles through the summer and has to take up with the heroes of his daydreams, who keep examining him about his feelings. Meanwhile, his friend Kenn covers Lenz with affectionate incomprehension. When autumn arrives, Ira eventually confronts Lenz and he has to face the big “whatsoever”. Berlin-based directors Robert Bohrer and Emma Rosa Simon deliver an original love story packed with wonderfully surreal ideas.

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