Films to discover at the 14th ZFF

Must-Sees: Check out our daily film recommendations for the 14th Zurich Film Festival.

  • Film recommendation #9: MAMACITA

    „You couldn’t dream up ‘MAMACITA‘ if you tried! This matriarch is one of those crazy characters that only real life can create.” Georg Bütler more

  • Film recommendation #5: SHÉHÉRAZADE

    „Jean-Bernard Marlin immerses us with magnificent narrative force into the milieu of a young and highly-charged second-generation immigrant society and its daily struggle for survival on the streets of Marseille.” Karl Spoerri more

  • Film recommendation #6: LEAVE NO TRACE

    "An authentic and emotional drama that was made for the big screen. Debra Granik once again proves that she is one of the most exciting directors of the US indie scene.” Stefanie Rusterholz more

  • Film recommendation #3: THE GUILTY

    „Gustav Möller has proved it: a high-voltage thriller needs nothing more than a room, a telephone, a computer screen and an actor. A fascinating real-time-play-on-nerves.” Stefanie Rusterholz more

  • Film recommendation #1: FIRECRACKERS

    „An intense, visually stunning film that gets under the skin of its protagonists. Jasmin Mozaffari’s debut is the cinematic discovery of the year for me!” Stefanie Rusterholz more

  • Film recommendation #2 PROFILE

    Director Timur Bekmambetov's innovative and uncompromising thriller exclusively takes place on the computer screen and guarantees goose bumps to the very last click. more