Rose Tinted Glasses by Rodrigo MariĆ³n Pino, Austria


Dating can be a little uncomfortable in a world that is so used to swiping left or right. Join Tammy and Alex midway through their idyllic first date to see how they get on.


Hi! We are a small crew of young creative professionals based in Vienna, Austria. We are passionate about filmmaking, having produced a wide variety of short films, documentaries and music videos for film festivals around the globe. This is the fourth time we take part in this competition because we love the adrenaline rush that the 72 hour deadline gives us. We cannot wait for this year's edition of ZFF72 and will give our best shot at that grand jury prize. Follow us @ Nomada Productions on FB, TW and YT to find out more about us.

Declan Anthony Igoe
Peter Keplinger
Director of Photography
Maximilian Scala
Assistant Director / Writer