Yes you can! by Diana Fabiánová, Slovakia



Finding himself as a lousy loser, who only can interact with a beautiful girls via limitless internet space, Michael is all of a sudden, hooked by one of the thousand commercials - promising him to (re)build up his (ego) life. Simply by following "100% guaranteed hacks", which a handsome and successfully looking biohacker Brad is offering in his fancy videos. Videos, based on the cult of self-made, good-looking individuals, are aimed exactly on a people of Michael’s situation. Desperate Michael, being brainwashed by good-looking and self-promoting Brad’s video instructions, is determined to be leveraged to the “elite club" by doing exactly what his internet hero is saying. No matter what...


Diana Fabianová- director Tomas Kobza cameraman and soundmen Michal Baranek - editor

Diana Fabiánová
Film director
Tomas Kobza
camera man
MIchal Baranek