* Hacking URLife ... by Kim Kofmel, Switzerland



While some in this world may get a kick out of hacking into the personal lives & businesses of strangers, friends or foes,
or perhaps hacking meat to eat,
maybe hacking down protected forests
or just hacking a horse for pleasure,
well, we would rather be hacking fruits, roots and vegetables in
Our Own personal Way...
Hacking URLife is neither meant to Be Simple nor "Normal". Along with chopping down and tearing apart solid barriers and blockages, there are opportunities for experience, discovery and beginning anew.

So let us Hack Away this Moment with Laughters and Smiles -- Let go of the difficult, painful times, with a chop-chop here and a chop-chop there! Enjoy our multi-colourful organic Life together, rather than destroy each other & the world with any malicious acts of hacking.

Cheers to our Health! Zum Wohl!

* Worked with free software/apps, no tripods - only two cut-out plastic bottles, two old phones, one falling-apart iPad, so please enjoy the imperfections. With amazing support from of an awesome teenage-being, I Am able to share ... Hacking URLife in a Healthy Wonderful Way!


Alone with a wonderful Being, family & friend: we both enjoyed creating in each other's company while goofing around and stressing out as amateur 'filmmakers' would. A Crew without typical filming instruments, software or know-how about filmmaking? Yep, that's Us, and we LOVE the challenge! * Many Heartfelt THANKS to JTJ: I couldn't have done it without YOU! * Much Colorful THANKS go out to MT, MoBos, and of course The Extras - our Organic Fruits, Roots + Vegetables: they kept fresh and came to the rescue at the very last moment and saved this 72hr project * Lots of THANKS to YOU for watching, sharing, and (hopefully) enjoying * Hacking URLife Now let's begin HACKING our Lives...