* Humble Heroes ... by J+K Kofmel, Switzerland


°Rescuing Balls °Saving Lives °Caring for Human Beings

A common, courageous, conscious dog rescues a lost, helpless, wasted ball from the turbulent unexpected chaos ... and becomes a HERO!

Loyal - Honest - Open - Trustful - Loving ... Awesome qualities for humble Heroes -
A pet sharing its life & cuddles with the family,
a parent raising & loving the children,
a child listening deeply & understanding their friends,
a nurse helping strangers to heal,
a seed growing into a bunch of fruit,
a tree giving us cool shade under the hot sun,
a chef cooking your favorite meal,
a stranger being kind & helpful …

Be thankful for every Humble Hero: each heartful thought, word or action helps you become one, so let us be grateful for the chance of meeting, interacting, and being a Loving Hero.

Thanks again to all the Helping Heroes who enjoyed creating this Heartfelt 72SecFilm :)


Young&Young@Heart, Spirited & Caring

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