I tried by Tugrul Guenes, Switzerland


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Under the pressure of society to have had your "first time" by a certain age, a man tries his best to achieve this - in a not very successful way.

In every day life "My first time" is used to refer to ones first sexual experience. While we initially wanted to avoid that obvious topic, we then embraced it as a gateway to address - in a humorous way - the social pressure of having your "first time".


We are a crew of two siblings with a distinct mindset and vision of film-making. We are still building up our equipment, knowledge and experience and are seeking our own definitive style. We do this as a hobby - while one of works as a full-time employee and the other one is a full-time student - with the vision to expand to something bigger // Sic Parvis Magna.

Gülpinar Günes
Co-creator, co-manager and co-producer