Pacemaker by Dennis-David Prochazka, Switzerland


A man is preparing to go to sleep. He goes into a bathroom to wash his hands, clean his teeth ... all the time he is leaving the water running. Eventually, the water shuts down and goes to sleep. Later that night, the man wakes up because he hear the water dripping from a tap. The man is angry, gets up and goes to the bathroom to tighten the tap. Tighten it, water does not drip and he goes back to sleep. Later that night the water starts to drip again and the man wakes up. He is much angrier than before! He can not sleep because the water is still dripping. He takes the tape thus, clog faucet, water does not drip and is to continue in his sleep. After a while, but the water begins to drip again. The man is beside himself. But suddenly he gets shock, probably a heart attack, because he gets too angry, he is trying to feel their medications at the bedside, he gets into the bathroom and catch the water drops into a glass. He does, and swallow the pills, Just few drops of water saved his life.


We are from Czech Republic. We work in a very small team, who share the same mindset. We enjoy the impact, images and sound can have on viewers and take pride in bringing all a relevant elements together, so they become one in the final product.

David Prochazka
Actor, Support