Find Bunny Blue by Frank Luchs, Switzerland


190 Points


A mad bomber rigs up plush bunnies to a deadly trap.
When a girl finds one of those, she must get rid of the rabbit before it explodes.


ALICIA (LEAD) Antonella Patitucci HOWARD (VILLAIN) Freigeist Van Tazzy DANIEL Daniel Hensch MILLIE Hakima Slimi AGENT LAWRENCE Nathalie Sameli CAPTAIN WOLFHARD Daniel P. Rudin MARGOT Josephine Esskuche AGENT ROHRBACH Andy Kunz SPECIALIST Tobias Müller AGENT PETERS Roger Hofstetter AGENT KAY Uwe Schwarzwalder DIRECTOR Frank Luchs CAMERA Thomas Smith 1st AD Csilla Dalton SOUND Fabio Scioscia MAKE UP Severine Oeschger COMPOSER Thomas Czerny-Dorsch BTS Luca Greco Thanks Lidia Bonifacio